PrismVision Consulting GmbH

Your limit is after the next mile

We are a smart consulting agency for business development, marketing, statistics, and personnel placement. Like a prism, we help you reflect your idea or challenge, propose the most efficient and profitable solution possible and accompany you to make it effective.

Who we are

What makes us unique

We distinguish ourselves by our ability to accompany our customers in the entire process of business:

a person holding a light bulb in their hands
a person holding a light bulb in their hands
  • Market research through statistical analysis

  • Accompaniment in the creation of new companies (Business Engineering)

  • Improvement of the performance of existing companies (Business Re-engineering)

  • Development of marketing strategies

  • Recruitment of rare and qualified human resources

  • Continuous trainings to acquire or update the soft skills essential in the entrepreneurial world.

Our Missions

Our primary objectives are the following:

a globe map of the world with a globe map of the world
a globe map of the world with a globe map of the world
  • To assist companies to do more and better to express the best version of themselves in order to reach the next level in their development.

  • To help our clients mature and implement entrepreneurial and investment ideas.

  • Supporting new companies to position themselves and existing ones to reposition themselves through marketing and branding advice to gain a competitive advantage.

  • Provide the statistical information needed to understand and conquer any market segment and stand out from the competition.

  • Assist companies in recruiting the right staff for their productivity and profitability.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead our customers to reduce the possibility of failure and increase the chances of success through a complete, smart, innovative consulting chain that is close to their ambitions and environments to help them cross the next mile in their growth

The customer is king. That's why we listen carefully to the challenge they want to deal with and involve them in our analysis and implementation process. This way, they feel more motivated because we don't take away their project, but we listen to them in order to scale their results.

We are very smart in our approach to help you achieve your goals. We offer specific, measurable, realistic and time-bound solutions to the challenge at hand, taking into account your realities and your environment.

The obligation of result is a ferment that we have fixed for each of our consultations. Therefore, we tell our customers that their limits are reached after they have reached the next level. And this is not just a slogan, because to reach the next milestone, you have to exceed your previous goals, which is our ultimate commitment to our customers.

Our Values

Active listening to our customers
The Obligation of Result